Madison County Road 249

Total Miles


281.85 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Madison County Road 249 is a gravel-based road that travels through the northeastern hills of Madison County. It features scenic views of Spring Valley Creek and then leads up a moderate grade to weave in and out of the power-line cut out. The trail crosses two cattle guards along the way, be easy on these, they are old and show signs of their age. The road is simple and fun but also serves as a better scenic, more off-road feeling backroad to access Amidon Conservation Area if coming from the east on Missouri-72.

Photos of Madison County Road 249

Madison County Road 249
Madison County Road 249
Madison County Road 249


The road is the reddest course of loose gravel from the local area, features mild rutting, potholes, washboarding, and mounding, and has spots where it fades to dirt and could be slightly muddy. The road is simple and scenic but has a few noteworthy spots, such as the two low-water bridges, and the hill climb from the creek bottoms up. The cattle guards are showing age, be careful and take your time crossing them, to not damage them anymore. This road would be on a different level of difficulty in the Snow or Rain.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Daniel Trost
Sep 04, 2023
Chris Menz
Mar 25, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

When coming from the East on Missouri Route 72, at 37.53050, -90.17732, turn onto Old Missouri 72 / Madison County Road 249, continue for .2 mile and turn left and go through the stone wall to stay on the 249 where the gravel begins, at 37.53185, -90.17442. When coming from the West on Missouri Route 72, turn northeast to Madison County Road 208, at 37.55240, -90.22602, head down this for 1.9 miles, turn right to enter the 249, at 37.55356, -90.19340, you are now on the trail.

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