Cedar Bottom FSR 2159

Total Miles


342.72 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Cedar Bottom FSR 2159, also referred to as Copper Mountain, is a gravel forestry road that is within the Fredericktown Sector of Mark Twain National Forest. It is a mild ride with a slow grade up and a slow grade back down ending at a turnaround spot at the end. The most this road has to challenge is a few water channelizing ruts that form from water runoff from the Copper Mountain top to the east, these can make you pick a line of which is best to approach and bring a little challenge to mostly gravel road. At the end of the road, there is a turnaround spot that features a few camp-able cutouts.


The difficulty is in the handful of water-channelized ruts that have formed in the road, some drop off easily a foot to 18", have loose rocks in the bottoms, and may feature a mild off-camber feeling as you cross them. You are on the edge of a hill-sized mountain and the road does get reasonably narrow, pinstripes likely. All this said it's a great mild 3/10 to get some experience on, it's not long and has an easy turnaround at the end to head back out. Even in wet conditions, this one would remain a 3/10 just with a little loss of traction, from memory there is only one small spot water could collect, and rocky mud could be present, but water collection would amount to less than a foot if it did. If the road were to be mended, it would easily scale back to a 2/10.

Technical Rating


Access Description

In Cherokee Pass, Missouri, at the intersection of US Route-67 and Missouri Route C, at 37.48647, -90.30645, head west on MO-C for 4.8 miles, at 37.45689, -90.37069 turn right onto Madison County Road 406, go 2 miles and the entrance will be on your right at 37.47277, -90.39030, you are now on the trail.