Narrow Foot Hills Highway

Total Miles


481.98 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail is the continuation of Narrow Bull Moose Trail. A small jaunt across the paved road will get you here. The trail does not allow SUV/lifted 4x4 rigs but is wide in some areas. 5+ years ago this used to be much more open and clear, logging will cause different changes to these trails. Since then, it is quite grown in. There is some sand and iron/red soil areas. Overall the ride is pretty smooth. The trail has some fun whoops which are basically just large mounds like a jump but with no lip. Note on Trail Riding in MN: Many trails heavily change in difficulty depending on the time of the year, weather conditions, and proximity to the trailhead. These areas have lots of birch trees which will routinely drop over trails. Many local clubs tend to the trails but there may be obstacles that come up if there was a thunderstorm the week prior. Rain and snow can also heavily change the trails as often rutted trails get more washed out, puddles become deeper, mud is stickier, and rocks/roots become slippery. The time of year can also dramatically change the landscape. Some trails that seem wide open after fall can be very dense and narrow before leaves begin to fall. Once birch leaves have fallen, trails become unpredictable as everything is covered by the leaves except larger obstacles. I have also seen a black bear once so it may be advantageous to carry some bear spray as a precaution but for many years it only happened once and just by dumpsters.


Dirt, short steeper inclines/declines, some water depending on weather.

Technical Rating