Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler

Total Miles


405.55 ft


0.3333 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler goes from the far east intersection of Soo Line Trail North and Lawler Loops North and South 4-way intersection. This section of converted rail grade is 5.6 miles long and takes about 20 minutes with an average speed of 15.3 MPH. This converted rail grade is raised enough that it sheds water very well. Even after rain for several days, the water on the trail is minimal. It's a great trail to run if you are in the area for a wet or springtime ride.

Photos of Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler

Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler
Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler
Lawler Loop Trails to Lawler


The section is easy and flat converted rail grade. There's no need for 4x4 or even to lock the rear differential. After several days of rain in the area, this section of trail remains solid and doesn't have any large areas of deep water to cross. The surface is packed gravel without large rocks. Some of the areas have larger stones in the gravel but do not pose an issue. Do pay attention to the edge of the trail, as it can have steep backs since it is converted rail grade. Bridge crossings are well marked and are the only areas you need to use extra care and slow down.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Automba Township has a park, vault-type restrooms, and a parking lot with trail access to Soo Line North at the town hall. 6956 County Highway 6, Kettle River, MN 55757 (Carlton County): 46.52083, -93.01793. Parking is also at Lawler along the Soo Line North Trail and Kestrel Avenue just a few blocks south of the center of town.

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