Rothbury Forest Loop - FS 9292

Total Miles


211.12 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Forest Service Road 9292 is an easy, fun off-road trail for beginners. Located less than 3 miles from US-131 Highway in Rothbury, Michigan, this route is easily accessible. There is a sandy section near the start of the trail to play around in, but the trail is very easy with nothing very technical. Most of the trail is a combination of sand and dirt and weaves through a beautiful forest with great fall foliage. There are a few trails that shoot off of this loop for more to explore. Like most Michigan trails, conditions are dependent on the weather. Recent rainfall can cause mud/water holes that can get rutted out quickly. Some of these mud/water holes have high-terrain bypasses, but most must be traveled through unless you turn around. There can also be some off-camber sections in certain washout spots along the trail depending on recent rainfall. Most of this loop is only wide enough for 1 vehicle. There are pull-off spots for passing, and other off-shoot trails to pass at. This is a trail that should be experienced at least once to take in its sincere beauty.

Photos of Rothbury Forest Loop - FS 9292

Rothbury Forest Loop - FS 9292
Rothbury Forest Loop - FS 9292
Rothbury Forest Loop - FS 9292


Difficulty is solely based upon the recent weather and vehicle capability. Most stock 4x4 vehicles can make it along this loop. If there's recently been a heavy rainfall, shallow water crossings less than a foot deep, mud holes, rutted and washed out sections are likely. Otherwise, this trail is a nice dirt and sandy track. Only wide enough for 1 vehicle in most places. There are pull offs along the loop for passing as well as other off-shoot trails you can pass at.

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Status Reports

Javier Montano
Jul 18, 2023

Access Description

The beginning of this loop is located just 0.5 miles south of West Winston Road near Rothbury, Michigan.

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