Pine Ridge Trail

Total Miles


244.31 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Pine Ridge Trail is a 50-Inch ORV trail located on the northern coast of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is a shallow sand trail with some spots of black dirt. Pine Ridge tends to be tighter than most 50-inch trails, so when riding with wider vehicles take caution of the roots and stumps on both sides of the trail. This low-traffic trail does not develop the whoops that some of the trails further south do. Giving riders the opportunity for a fast smooth ride. When riding the Pine Ridge Trail, you will see a wide variety of terrain that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to offer. Expect the trail to include tight wood sections as well as wide open portions through old burn areas. One of the cool parts of this trail is that the northern sections are so close to Lake Superior that you can feel the temperature changes that are associated with being so close to the big lake!


This is a fairly lengthy trail that has a wide variety of terrain types. To complete this trail you will have several types of challenges and riding techneques put to use

Technical Rating


Access Description

There is a nice trailhead at the South East corner of this route. Complete with a vault toilet.