Silver Creek

Total Miles


280.69 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Silver Creek is a 50-Inch ORV trail located North of Newberry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is a black dirt trail with some sand. Silver Creek tends to be a tighter than most 50-inch trails, so when riding with wider vehicles take caution of the roots and stumps on both sides of the trail. This low traffic trail does not develop the whoops that some of the trails further south do. Giving riders the opportunity for a fast smooth ride. This particular loop is prone to roots and downed trees, so ride with caution. One keynote that all should be aware of, is that there is a .7 Mile section at the Southeast corner section of the published loop that is permanently closed. This particular OnX route has a work around for that section. But know that there is no passage through this part of the MI DNR published map.


This trail is prone to roots, stumps, and downed trees. Although passible with a 50-Inch vehicle the difficulty is significanty higher for these wider rides.

Technical Rating