NE Little Manistee Route (344)

Total Miles


293.8 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Fun trail with a lot of sand, banked turns make it flow nicely but beware it's a very transited trail so keep alert be prepared to slow down and move to the side for oncoming traffic. There a lot of washboard sections which hinder the flow in larger vehicles with stock or lightly modified suspension. There's only a few dispersed camping spots to the sides.


Soft sand in some spots make for tricky sections but as long as good A/T tires or momentum is used, it should be easy to go through. some sections are uneven and rutted but with sand being the main surface, it won't damage any underbody components.

Technical Rating


Access Description

It's part of a full loop that has a couple trailhead areas with Restrooms and parking spaces