Holton Loop Motorcycle Trail

Total Miles


226.16 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

North Holton Loop Motorcycle Trail is a 24-inch motorcycle-only trail. This particular loop is approximately 12 miles long. But do not be deceived; there is a lot of riding to be done. This loop, as well as the surrounding area single track, is primarily a dirt/sand-based trail that has been formed into a consistent set of whoops. A rider on these trails will find themselves needing to stand for most of this ride as they navigate the constant whoops. The general terrain is fairly flat, densely wooded pine forests. Expect to have close encounters with standing lodgepole pine trees as this trail often takes tight turns through the woods. At multiple times your handlebars may be at risk of toughing trees on both sides of the trail. The trailhead has a primitive outhouse, plenty of open parking, and posted maps of the Holton Motorcycle Trail Loops.The North Holton Loop Motorcycle trail can be ridden with a bike with both the Michigan ORV and ORV Trail permits. With a short trailer ride, riders can also enjoy the southern loops of the Horseshoe Lake Motorcycle Trail, located less than 5 miles north of the North Holton Loop Motorcycle Trail.For riders with bikes that have a Secretary of State license plate, there are a lot of opportunities to be ridden from this location. South Holton Loop Motorcycle Trail is another 12 miles of single track waiting to be explored. This section is generally less traveled due to the increased licensing requirements. Riders can also hop off the North Holton Loop at the northernmost road crossing and, with a two-mile road ride, be on the southern loops belonging to the Horseshoe Lake Motorcycle Trails. This is an additional 24 miles of single track that can be reached from the Northern Holton Loop Motorcycle Trailhead.


Constant whoops varying in depth from 12"- 36+"

Technical Rating