Total Miles


410.05 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Mio Trail is a fifty-inch trail designed to be ridden by 50 Inch ATVs, dirt bikes, and quads. The general makeup of this trail is black dirt with sand. There is more sand in fresh timber-cut areas where the sun has had a chance to bake the ground. Among Michigan's 50-inch trails, this is a more technical ride. The diversity of terrain on this loop is impressive, you are going to see black dirt, sand, rocks, roots, tight sections, and flowing sections. There is a considerable amount of whoops, some deep sand spots, steep hill climbs, many many rocks (averaging softball size), and roots. There are some hill climbs with significantly sized roots with washouts below them. This will create the largest obstacles on this trail outside of fresh tree falls and other natural obstacles. This trail is a joy and a challenge to ride.


There are constant whoops, Rocks, loose gravel, and several hill climbs. Difficulty from this trail comes from the many locations where a combination of these makes for difficult passage.


This trail is maintained by The Cycle Conservatoin Club of Michigan. If there are any trees down, please feel free to report them to the club via their website.

Technical Rating


Access Description

There is a nice trail head with rustic bathrooms located at the south west corner of this loop.