FS 4412

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252.19 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

FS 4412, also known as Kokosing Road, is a wide single-lane gravel/dirt road. The trail is part of the Huron National Forest and allows you to see wildlife. This track is a nice easy ride and can be run in either direction. The trail has had some logging but is mostly made up of pines and hardwood. Remember to stay on the trails and follow the Tread Lightly principles.

Photos of FS 4412

FS 4412
FS 4412
FS 4412


The trail is rated a one as it appears to be maintained.


What's Happening Here? Pine Barrens Restoration: Past management practices have greatly influenced the vegetation in this region. Government Land Office survey records indicate that before European settlement, much of the sand plains in Iosco County consisted of jack pine stands and pine barrens. Pine barrens were areas of scattered and clumped pine trees in large grassy openings. These areas were prone to wildfire which reduced the amount of woody vegetation. Late 1800s era logging and subsequent attempts to farm these areas further served to keep them in an open condition. Settlers found that the poor sandy soils of the barrens were not conducive to farming and by the 1930s this land reverted to the federal government. Fire suppression efforts and the tree planting programs gave rise to the well-stocked red pine and oak stands that dominate this region of the county. The Huron-Manistee National Forests are working to restore some areas of pine barrens to create a diversity of habitats and encourage the re-establishment of animal and plant species that utilize this type of ecosystem.

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