East Missaukee Trail Loop

Total Miles


408.77 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a bit of a longer adventure. Clocking in around 40 mile of single track this trail will take some effort to complete the entire loop. There are four sections to this ride. Two of them are 24-inch single track and two of them expand out to 50-inch orv trail. The birds eye view of this trail looks like two loops in a dumbbell shape. The northern half of both loops is 24 in single track. The southern half of both loops is 50-inch ORV. The connector between the two is 50-inches as well. The N/W single track is a well-established wide 24-inch trail that has been cleared regularly and ridden hard. The whoops on this section are consistently moderate too deep throughout the entire single-track section. The base of this trail is mostly sand, but black dirt can be found under the first layer of sand. The N/E single track is about as tight as Michigan has to offer. Although the terrain, whoops, and obstacles are minimal on this section, your bark busters will get a workout. Expect trees to be too close for your handlebars to pass through. There is a lot of missing bark on the edges of this trail. Not much for sightseeing on this section, the brush is closing in and you must keep your head down as you pass through.The southern section of both loops are about as smooth of a 50 inch trail as you can find, these sections are fast and flowy with shallow whoops that cause little to no cause to slow down. The biggest thing to worry about on these sections is the sand. There are a few hills that are prone to washing out after rain and that causes deep airy sand to build up.


Very tight single track, Sandy washed out hill climbs

Technical Rating


Access Description

Parking lot found at 44.51029, -85.07223