Frye Mountain - High Ridge to Getchell

Total Miles


299.28 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Frye Mountain - High Ridge to Getchell trail is a West to East crossing through the Frye Mountain State Game Management Area. This trail is just over 8 miles passing by the Carter Cemetery and includes a small 3 mile (out and back) to another private Cemetery, where the trail becomes a turnaround for Jeep-sized vehicles. The Trail does offer a few additional spurs to be explored and is even more expansive for ATVs and Snowmobiles (in the winter). For hikers, this trail provides access to the footpath to Frye Mountain Peak at 1,139 feet, and multiple access points to the larger "Hills to Sea" Trail network.


Most of this trail is comprised of gravel roads, and most is wide enough for two vehicles to pas each other. There are a few sections in the lower elevations that have the potential for road flooding.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trail begins (or ends) at Poland's Corner in Montville Maine, and Ends (or begins) at Foster's Corner in Knox Maine.