Tunica Hills WMA Trail 1

Total Miles


102.08 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail route runs through the Tunica Hills Louisiana Wildlife Management Area. The route consists of gravel and dirt roads that are carved on the top of ridge lines that at times have 50-100 foot drop-offs as close as 5-10 feet from the main trail. The majority of the trail is covered by old-growth canopies that provide shade during the drive, but also require more time to dry out wet areas on the trail. This trail and others in the immediate area offer a very different and exciting topography than most people expect to see in Louisiana and Mississippi. Near the beginning of the trail is a free WMA camping area with amazing views, especially in the wintertime when the canopy is bare. There are also a variety of trail spurs to explore and quiet areas to take a break.


During times of the year when it has not rained for a week or more, the trail can be reliably traveled by most SUV or 4X4 vehicles. There are areas on the trail that have the potential to have deeper mud or slick, uphill or downhill one-vehicle passes. Due to the thick canopy cover on most of the trail, wet areas dry more slowly.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trail starts by turning on Parker Road, off of Tunica Trace. Approximately one mile into the road, the trail transitions to gravel and dirt.