Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167

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126.11 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167 is the paved entry to gravel main hub and parking section of the Turkey Bay OHV Area, within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. At the entry you pass the picture worthy Turkey Bay OHV forestry sign, which shortly leads you to the sign in and fee gate house. Entry is $20 for a 1-3 day permit, or $100 for an annual permit (always expires at end of year on December 31st), each permit covers one said OHV vehicle and covers the passengers within. After the gate house the lot quickly turns into gravel, and features wide open area to park a trailer, or air down, there is also a picnic bench and 24 hour camping area, at 36.74997, -88.07197. There is also the well house (fresh water) on the far west side of this lot, at 36.74914, -88.07496. Straight from the lot you can pick up two primary routes to start exploring the park, the 9 to 8 Road which starts at 36.75099, -88.07203, and heads north up the far east side of the park, and the FSR 167 which starts at 36.74906, -88.07505 and travels west on the farthest south side of the park until it meets bay water and a 24 hour generator campsite area at 36.74444, -88.08911. This is a great foundational road to use to get around the park quickly. It is also a great road to aim for when using secondary routes as your end goal or starting point. To exit the park simply head east past the gate house.

Photos of Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167

Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167
Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167
Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167


The difficulty of the Turkey Bay Gate FSR 167 is minimal, though does feature course rock, some soft spots, some water collection spots, and soft soil when off the gravel, but if you use the road in the appropriate spots is no more than a 1/10, though may have a few spots featuring 2/10 level water and mud.

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Status Reports

Braeden Rae
Feb 02, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Chris Menz
Oct 08, 2023

Access Description

Using the Woodland Trace National Scenic Byway, head to 36.75110, -88.06964, turn west here and approach the gate, check in, and you are now on the trails. Using the Woodland Trace, the entry to Turkey Bay is 2.2 miles south from US-68 (which runs through the center of LBL, east to west), 26.6 miles south from I-24 in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, or 23.9 miles north from US-79 in Dover, Tennessee.

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