646A Straight Creek

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404.38 ft


1 Hours

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This is a mostly well-maintained Forest Service road, with various developed water crossings. It provides access to Williams Siding Road (Williams Siding ATV trail) as well. Entry is through a residential area, so be courteous to the locals. This trail ends at a large turnaround/ undeveloped camping area on the creek. The MVUM lists the trail as continuing over the creek again past the turnaround area, but this is impossible due to large rocks placed in front of the creek crossing, presumably by the Forest Service.

Photos of 646A Straight Creek

646A Straight Creek
646A Straight Creek
646A Straight Creek


Expect some steep grades on loose gravel, as well as a variety of water crossings. The water crossings could be potentially deep after a rain.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Travel down Williams Siding Road from the north. Entry is to the right, almost at the end of the road.

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