Trail 5 BF Goodrich Trail

Total Miles


165.33 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail 5 BF Goodrich Trail is a good scenic trail with seating next to the ponds on the trail. This trail is located at Interlake SRA park in southwestern Indiana close to Evansville. This is a 1.3-mile stock family-friendly trail with rolling hills and a few small mudholes. For those that want a challenge, there are a few side trails that allow obstacles for difficulties. There are 2 side trails that offer a greater difficulty trail. Trail 5A is overgrown and is a medium-difficulty trail. Trail 5B is for well-built rigs. DNR will not recover any rig from trail 5B.


This is a stock friendly trail with side trails offering greater difficulty obstacles. There are rolling hills with a few small mudholes.


Trial was named BF Goodrich Outstanding Trail in 2011.

Technical Rating


Access Description

When arriving at Interlake SRA, you will sign in at the guard station. You will follow the gravel road to the parking lot where there are shelter houses and restrooms. You will follow trail 1 to get to trail 5. The trail getting to trail 5 is a stock-friendly trail.