Trail 2X

Total Miles


192.57 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail 2X at Redbird is the most difficult of the Badge of Honor Trails. You will start with a steep climb and then a very steep decline before you start working your way through numerous steep breakovers and deep mud holes. With any rain/snow the week before, this trail will become much more challenging. This trail will take 3-5 hours to complete on a good day but could take 6-8 hours depending on trail conditions and weather. This trail should not be attempted if you do not have 35-inch tires, lockers, and a working winch. You can exit the trail halfway through or stop for a restroom break at the shelter house before continuing.

Photos of Trail 2X

Trail 2X
Trail 2X
Trail 2X


This trail has very steep inclines and declines. Mud holes can be more than 40 inches deep. Rain and snow could make this trail much more difficult. There are many steep breakovers. The trail is very tight and poses a potential for body damage if you slide into trees from the slippery mud.


The property was a former coal mine but mining stopped in 1950. The state purchased the land to be used for OHV.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From the new parking lot, you will take the trail on the opposite side of Powerline Hill. You will follow the open riding area to the start of the trailhead. There will be a very steep incline at the beginning of the trail.

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