Wild Horse Recreation Area to Bruneau Canyon Overlook

Total Miles


2153.42 ft


8 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This relatively easy route rewards travelers with absolutely incredible scenery. You'll find yourself maneuvering through cattle, staring up at steep canyon walls, and cresting small hills that reveal breathtaking views of snow capped mountains. If that's not enough variety, you'll also have the opportunity to pass through an active USAF air-to-ground training range near Idaho's breathtaking Bruneau Canyon scenic overlook. Along the route you will encounter few to no technical obstacles, but recent rain and snow will make sections of this route more challenging than expected. There is little to no cell service so please be sure to download your onX Offroad maps to your mobile device.


Very easy, but rain or snow will make roads very muddy.

Technical Rating