Stanley Creek

Total Miles


2037.69 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Most of this trail is a one rating, with a nice wide-grated dirt trail. It meanders through a valley with views of the Sawtooth Mountain range beyond. There are a few larger dispersed campsites in the valley with views of the mountains and easy access for any vehicle. Further up, the trail turns and becomes narrower and rutted. There is a dispersed campsite and the remains of a few old cabins. After the cabins, the trail narrows and becomes quite rutted, bumpy, and off-camber. No problem for smaller SXS, ATV, and dirt bikes, but it would be more exciting for a full-size vehicle. This trail ends at Little Basin Creek Trailhead; the sign shows multi-use for hiking, horseback, bicycles, and motorcycles. There is parking or turn around at the trailhead. No trailer access, so ride in only to pick up this trail--no winter maintenance.


It starts off incredibly easy but becomes narrow, rutted, and off-camber after you pass the old cabins. It's not recommended for a full size.

Technical Rating