St Anthony Sand Dunes-Egin Lake to Devils Dune

Total Miles


1566.89 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Free ride route over the St Anthony Dunes. The route will take you along the southern route of the Sand Dunes, cut up over the top to Devil's Dune. The return route travels along the North Route of the Dunes to Choke Cherry Hill (a popular hill climb destination) Make a return to Egin Lake with a hill climb on Thunder Mountain/Crapos Hill.This route covers very large sand dunes with steep climbs, descents, and off-camber sidehills.


If you are not familiar with riding on big sand hills you can follow the BLM route markers around the lower sand hills. Speed and power are your friend but use caution when cresting hills or transitioning over sand dunes.

Technical Rating