South Hills Adventure Loop

Total Miles


2,398.62 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Start out anywhere you'd like. Unload and drive the loop either direction, there is no set way! This loop will take you from the green higher elevation, to the valleys, high desert and everything in between. Plenty of 50" trailheads right off of this loop as well. Please note, while these maybe roads, there are tight turns, overgrowth and obstacles close to the side of the roads. It is NOT recommended to do this in a 1500 or larger pickup/vehicle. Long wheelbase and long overall vehicles will have difficulty navigating some portions of this loop.

Photos of South Hills Adventure Loop

South Hills Adventure Loop
South Hills Adventure Loop
South Hills Adventure Loop


Tight turns, low/narrow overgrowth. steep grades, loose rock, fallen timber, and burned areas.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tj Ramsey
Jun 17, 2023

Access Description

Head south of Hansen, ID on 3800 S, continue for 27 miles until you reach Magic Mountain Ski area. Plenty of places to park and unload, or to camp nearby. Proceed to the loop route, and enjoy!

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