Smokiest of Domes

Total Miles


2,443.01 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Explore the Smokey Dome area, take in the views, and camp! Easy drive up to Couch Summit from the Couch Summit Parking area, and continue the climb up and up to the tip tops of the Smokey Domes. Expect rougher and less maintained roads after turning off the main road at Couch Summit. Usually washboards, slight ruts, loose rocks/exposed rocks, though nothing too major. Very popular hunting area in the fall so plans accordingly if you adventure here from September through October. Plenty of amazing spots to pull over for a break, lunch, or even to set up camp. Make sure to bring your best camera as there are views around every turn! Very little light pollution so star gazing or nighttime photography is perfect for this area.

Photos of Smokiest of Domes

Smokiest of Domes
Smokiest of Domes
Smokiest of Domes


This trail is mostly un-maintained. Wash boards, dips, washes, some ruts, loose rocks, and exposed rocks. Narrow roads and some blind corners.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Cj Barber
Jul 07, 2023
Scott J
May 15, 2023
Deep Snow

Access Description

Access the Couch Summit Parking lot by heading north of Fairfield towards Soldier Mountain Ski Resort. Stay right at the Y when you see the sign.

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