Pilot Peak Lookout Tower

Total Miles


2640.49 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

This trail starts up at Elk Summit and travels to the lookout tower on a dirt road. You should have a high-clearance vehicle and 4WD for this one. This is a very steep and rough shelf road most of the way with some switchbacks and some minor off-camber areas. You can't drive to the very top as there is no room up there. There is a switchback just prior to the top. Park there and walk up the rest of the way. The walk is very short. Takes about 2 minutes. Pilot Peak is an active Lookout Tower staffed in the Summer Months by the Forest Service. It sits at 8057 feet and has some great views from the top.


This route is very steep in places and is on a shelf road most of the way. It has a few switchbacks and off camber areas as well.This area is also part of a burn area so there is the possibility of trees across the road.You will need A High Clearance Vehicle for this and 4WD. This is a short trail but takes awhile to get there.

Technical Rating