Petrified Watermelons

Total Miles


810.41 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

What appears to be "the way" is a more excellent trail section that ends at private property and a gate. "Back the way you came" is the option here. Unless you're curious about the watermelons, then, by all means, check them out, all nestled in the tall grasses. To truly understand the watermelons, seek the signage on a farm not far from here, right along the north side of old Highway 30. It will make a lot more sense, then. There's one bar of LTE service once you get a little higher.

Photos of Petrified Watermelons

Petrified Watermelons
Petrified Watermelons


Easy, Gravel, quite nice to run on.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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