Moon Pass Road (Part 2)

Total Miles


1506.15 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is the northern piece of Moon Pass that goes from the town of Wallace, Idaho, to the Moon Pass Summit. It starts as a paved road from the town of Wallace for a couple of miles and goes past the Pulaski Historic Site, which is where a group of firefighters escaped into a mine during the 1910 fires in this area. There's a pit toilet at this site. The road turns into a wide graded and oiled dirt road for the rest of the way. It has steep sections and switchbacks on a shelf road, but has very wide corners, and could probably be driven in almost any vehicle. (The second half of Moon Pass going towards Avery has some tighter switchbacks that can still probably be driven in any size vehicle if you take the corners wide). It goes through a really beautiful forest along a creek, with healthy trees and spectacular views of the St. Joe National Forest. This section of Moon Pass ends at the intersection with Slate Creek at the summit. The entirety of Moon Pass is a very scenic drive through an old train route with single-lane tunnels and trestles. The tunnels were built for a train so are extremely tall, narrow, and dark, and make for a really unique driving experience. There isn't much camping on the northern half of Moon Pass, but there are a few spots about halfway through and closer to Avery.


This is a graded dirt road probably suitable for any vehicle.

Technical Rating