Indian Hot Springs-Hagerman Route

Total Miles


1504.41 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Take a full day trip across the southern Idaho desert to a hidden hot spring oasis in the Bruneau Canyon. This route takes you from the Hagerman Fossil Beds area across the desert to Bruneau Canyon. Best time is late spring to early fall. Please be aware that much of the area is grazed by cattle and wild horses. The last 16 miles from Clover Three Creek to the canyon and hot springs is very rough, rutted, unmaintained, muddy and very rocky. Please do your best to not rut the road in the muddy spring time, it makes it very difficult to navigate. On descent into the canyon, you will be rewarded with amazing rock formations, steep canyons, a nice calm river and very warm hot springs. Please treat the hot springs with care and do not destroy the area surrounding them


Last 16 miles from Clover Three Creek Road to the Bruneau Canyon is very rutted, lots of large loose sharp rock and unmaintained. The road into the canyon is steep, lots of loose rock, steep sides and is only wide enough in most spots for one vehicle at a time. Please watch the road ahead and be alert.

Technical Rating