Idaho Falls to Wolverine Canyon

Total Miles


2154.04 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route takes you from Idaho Falls up Bone Road, past the Bone Store, and up the Wolverine Canyon. It is a fun ride to take all year round for a Sunday drive or a quick ride up in the mountains. You drive past the old settlement of Ozone which was a fairly large city until a drought in 1920 made farming difficult and settlers vacated the area. You also are able to explore near the old Taylor Mountain Ski Resort (which is not accessible by car but can be accessed by hiking.) Overall it is a great location to see wildlife and explore local history while being able to see great views of the Shelley/Idaho Falls area on a clear day.


Road grade the whole way and passable with a crossover on a dry day.


This trail passes through the old town of Ozone where Sunnyside hits Bone Road, goes past the Bone Store, and behind an abandoned ski resort

Technical Rating