Total Miles


1251.15 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This mostly easy trail runs from the ridgeline to the valley or visa-versa. Near the lower section is a well-constructed warming hut for snowmobile season, complete with a pit toilet and a vast valley with camping around the edges. The warming hut is also a nice shady spot to have lunch or hand out as in the summer, it's wide open and has seating. The lower section of this trail has quite a few dispersed camping spots. As you climb the hillside, camping becomes less and the trail more rutted from some of the many springs that emerge alongside the trail. There are some deep permanent puddles from these same springs. There are also large potholes and tight corners. Once at the summit, the views are to die for, and there is an extensive network of other trails in the area. One bar LTE cell service at the top.


Mostly easy, a few narrow sections and deeper puddles from the springs, watch for crater sized potholes. One or two switchbacks are steep and loose and may cause tire spin on an SUV or larger vehicle.

Technical Rating