CDA Deception Creek

Total Miles


1306.89 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This popular trail connects the tarmac at the top of the hill to the network of routes below. It's a very smooth, wide trail with blind corners and many people speeding. The views from the top are fantastic, with vast views in some sections of the surrounding mountains. Near the bottom, the forest becomes dense under a thick canopy with plenty of dispersed camping spots tucked here and there in the trees. Right before the river at the bottom is the Honeysuckle CDA National Forest campground, eight sights, $10 a night. The Little North Fork CDA creek at the bottom is refreshing after a hot ride. One bar LTE service at the very top. None on the rest of the trail.


Easy graded and washboard. Watch for oncoming traffic, people are flying on this road and come out of nowhere.

Technical Rating