Broken Wagon

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2,401.41 ft



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Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail can be accessed either directly from Highway 93 or can be entered through Spar Canyon Road just off of Highway 93 to the north. When beginning this trail from the south entrance, you will be following Broken Wagon creek around some small peaks and into some grazing land that is far away from anything around. Cell phone signal can be found closer to the highway, but once on the back side of the peaks, you will need an offline map to see the terrain and roads. The trail starts easy but takes you through some washouts, inclines, and descents, small rock gardens, and even through some creek crossings. When wet, the soil can become very muddy and slick, making it a challenge to ascend some of the steeper inclines. Some of the washes are pretty tightly packed with sagebrush, and even in a mid-sized truck, pinstriping was frequent. Other than some small obstacles, there are some off-camber areas that could use some slow maneuvering. We didn't run into anyone else out on the trail, or any other trails for that matter, but finding a campsite away from the highway was a little challenging. This is BLM land, so camping is permitted, but sage prevented pulling off and camping on the side of the road frequently. Of the campsites we saw, few were sheltered and were often found close to the trail. Please be considerate when driving through Private Property along this route, and watch for cattle in the roadway. This trail is not maintained in the winter.

Photos of Broken Wagon

Broken Wagon
Broken Wagon
Broken Wagon


Some of the small rock gardens require a good amount of clearance to make it through easily and the off-camber or steep inclines could require the use of 4-low to power through. When rainy, mud can make this trail and some of the inclines pretty challenging. Sagebrush close to the road causes scratches and dents in narrow sections.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The primary trailhead can be access directly from Highway 93 just north of the Willow Creek Summit. Further north, you can take Spar Canyon Road right off of 93 to make it to the northern-most starting point for the Broken Wagon trail.

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