Richloam WMA Elmers Glue

Total Miles


31.54 ft


0.45 Hours

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Trail Overview

This route begins shortly after entering the wildlife management area on Elmers Road and ends at the NE corner of North Grade Road. It is full of sugar sand, and deep sticky mud - hence the name "Elmers Glue." There are frequent tight areas that will scratch your paint, obstacle avoidance detours, and some small ledges that could roll your vehicle if not entered/exited the right way. This is a fun and challenging trail that will test your vehicle's low-traction capabilities, and likely also your recovery equipment.


Mud is the most challenging part of this trail. There are frequent areas that become swampy and like quicksand, in that, any weight will draw an object into the pit. The sand is also challenging but the key is keeping up some momentum. Do not assume that just because it looks dry, you can cross! Going in pairs or a group is highly recommended.

Technical Rating