Richloam Wildlife Area: Center Grade Road

Total Miles


30.11 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This route is the main East/West road of the Richloam Wildlife Management Area. There are many additional trails to explore along the way, as well as plenty of easily accessible dispersed camping spots. There are a few hunting campsites along this route; travelers should be aware of the season during which they are exploring this area. There is a clearing big enough for multiple RV's at the intersection of 471 and Center Grade Road.


Center Grade Road is one of the few main roads passing through the Richloam Wildlife Area and as such, is generally wide enough for 2 vehicles, fairly packed dirt, and an even grade. There are some areas with loose sand, thick mud, steep shoulders, and pitting/ruts in the road however, these obstacles are easily managed or avoided entirely and the large majority of SUVs or larger vehicles will be able to successfully complete the route.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Enter from the east at 28.45571, -81.92199 (Bay Lake Road), from the center heading either direction at 28.45844, -82.05493 (Route 471), or from the west at 28.47843, -82.15512 (Route 575).