Osceola National Forest FR 212 "The Water Park"

Total Miles


41.52 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

FR 212 "The Water Park" is a moderately difficult trail in Osceola National Forest that requires 4WD and high clearance for its numerous water obstacles. The beginning of the trail, as well as between water obstacles, is easy with a single vehicle wide packed sand road. Water obstacles on the trail are frequent, providing a fun ride through the forest. Even during a dry spell, many of these water holes are still covered in water with them being much deeper right after or during rain. Water holes range from 6" deep to the deepest being roughly 25" deep at the center. The trail passes through a swamp in a few places so during rain surfaces can range from sticky mud to sand under the water. Cell service is limited to non-existent on the trail. FR 212 is a fun trail in the heart of Osceola National Forest that will make you feel at home in a water park.


A significant portion of the trail is covered in water holes with the potential for more after a rainfall.

Technical Rating