Red Mountain Mining Area

Total Miles


3697.77 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

You'll see the famed shaft house at Yankee Girl Mine and follow and old railroad grade on this fun, easy trail. The southern section features high mountain views.


Easy. A fun, meandering road covering a variety of terrain from graded gravel to narrow two-track. Suitable for all stock 4x4 SUVs with moderate ground clearance. Do not drive this route during wet periods. Northern half has many side roads and can be a bit confusing without a good map.


Don't miss an opportunity to see the Red Mountain Peaks at sunset. Their fluorescent red and yellow glow is unlike anything you've ever seen. To prospectors back in 1879, that glow was the promise of vast riches. Indeed, over the next two decades, fortunes were extracted from these mountains in the form of gold, silver, lead and copper. No less than six towns'" chattanooga, Red Mountain City, Guston, Hudson Town, Rogerville and Ironton'" grew out of this promising valley. Fortunately, many important mine buildings from that golden era arestill standing.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray, head south 10.0 miles on U.S. 550. Turn left 0.8 mile south of milepost 84 on marked C.R. 31 at the end of a tight switchback. The southern exit point is 5.5 miles north of Silverton and 0.7 mile north of the turn for Ophir Pass, Trail #7.