Divide Road

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3,032.48 ft


3 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a 90-mile long, wide-graded road up the middle of the Uncompaghre Plateau from Montrose to (almost) Grand Junction. Go from farmland to expansive areas of forest, then to the desert. This mellow graded road will climb from 5,800' in Montrose to over 9,400 on the Uncompaghre Plateau, then drop down to 6,700' when it reaches Highway 141 south of Grand Junction.Start in the middle of Montrose on paved State Route 90. The road changes to gravel and is called County Route 90 after about 8 miles.The irrigated land you pass through is partially dependent on water diverted from the Gunnison River.There is a mix of BLM, Private, and Forest Service land as you rise out of the valley into the forest.The southern portion of the road is heavily forested with no chances for views until you reach the Tabeguache Overlook. This overlook has not been maintained for years and you have to peek between trees to see anything. Watch closely for the overlook on the west side of the road.The Uncompaghre National Forest is a "Land of Many Uses", including timber harvesting.Windy Point is where the countryside changes. The land becomes much more open the there are scenic views in abundance.The northern part of the Divide Road alternates between the open country stands of aspen and areas heavy with Ponderosa Pine. There are many opportunities for camping.Grand Mesa is visible as you descend the northern end of the road. Someone goes to a lot of effort to fly an American flag seen just before you reach Highway 141.

Photos of Divide Road

Divide Road
Divide Road
Divide Road


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Terry Ayer
Aug 17, 2023
2022 RAM 1500
Trish Johns
Apr 07, 2023
Temporarily Closed

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