Wildhorse Meadow - 2N93

Total Miles


2,657.46 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

2N93 Wildhorse Meadow is in the San Bernardino National Forest, southeast of Big Bear Lake. This trail has designated camping, with two yellow post sites on 2N93F. It's obvious where Wildhorse Meadow gets its name when you reach the meadow, which is lush green and bordered by pine, oak, cedar, and elm. This is a fun easy trail that you can use to get into Big Bear via dirt rather than the highway. It's also often used as a connector trail to other trails in the area.

Photos of Wildhorse Meadow - 2N93

Wildhorse Meadow - 2N93
Wildhorse Meadow - 2N93
Wildhorse Meadow - 2N93


Wildhorse Meadow is an easy trail that is wide enough for two vehicles to pass in a lot of areas, although in some spots it does get a bit narrow. It's typically a well-maintained dirt road, but it can get a little rutted-out in some sections after big rains or snow melts. Speaking of snow, this is usually a seasonal trail that is often closed for the winter.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Joerg Hallbauer
Feb 13, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco
Temporarily Closed
Seasonal Closure
This trail has a seasonal closure which typically lasts until sometime in June.

Access Description

You can get to this trail via 2N97, which starts closer to Big Bear and connects to Wildhorse Meadow 2N93 if you're starting in Big Bear and running down the mountain. You can also end with 2N97 when you are coming up the mountain on Wildhorse Meadow 2N93.

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