Pole Road (3V04)

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1,613.12 ft


1.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

On Pole Road (3V04), with the Owens River to the south, the majestic Eastern Sierra mountain range to the west, the sprawling White Mountains to the east, and Casa Diablo to the northwest, you will find no shortage of views. Pole Road (3V04) runs along the transmission lines and is used to maintain the structures. Make no mistake, this is not a road for non-4WD/AWD vehicles. Low-clearance 2WD vehicles should not attempt this trail. The terrain is a mix between small drainage washouts, soft sandy sections, and slow-paced rough sections of small to medium rocks. Though this is a wide enough trail to get two jeeps down side by side, there are some sections that are a little narrower, such as the climb from the south along Pole Road. Pole Road runs along the Volcanic Tableland to the east and is also surrounded by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land with a small patch of land owned by the Department of Water and Power (DWP). There are no gates or markings indicating when you cross into DWP land, so be aware of where you are on the trail. If you are starting the trail from the south (along Owens River), there are large pullout sections that can accommodate 5+ vehicles.

Photos of Pole Road (3V04)

Pole Road (3V04)
Pole Road (3V04)


The terrain is a mix of steep, loose rock from the southern entrance, rough washout sections throughout the trail, and sandy spots that will get a 2WD vehicle stuck. More relevant to the north side of the trail (Casa Diablo Road), there is deep sand and a small crossing that typically has water runoff during rain storms. In most spots, you can get two vehicles past each other, however, some sections may require a vehicle to turn out.

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Status Reports

Kane C
Jan 01, 2024

Access Description

Take Highway 395 to Pleasant Valley Dam Road, and follow Pleasant Valley Dam Road to Chalk Bluff Road. There will be a dirt road climbing to the right of Pleasant Valley Dam Road. Near the bottom of the grade, there will be a small brown sign with "3V04" printed on it. Alternatively, from Casa Diablo, take Casa Diablo Road to the 3V04/Casa Diablo/4S04 intersection. Turn left onto 3V04.

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