Pandre Madre Mine

Total Miles


260.89 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

** Important Note: This trail is an out and back if you're not up for doing one of the connecting trails rated 7+**. The route starts by going past an active mine, and then quickly opens up to Padre Madre Mine claim. Reports say there are multiple vertical shafts (now capped, you can see steel structures over the top of several just off the trail) the deepest being 325 ft. These are said to be from the 18th century, and no significant gold was ever found. The beautiful Cargo Muchacho Mountains surround you as you make your way through Jackson Gulch. The trail itself has a few narrow spots as it's been washed out in places over the years. Otherwise, the trail is a rough two-track with little to no notable obstacles.


Any high clearance vehicle should have no problem with this one.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Get off of the Ogilby Road Exit from US 8 and go north to American Girl Mine Rd, and follow it to the trailhead.