4000 Foot Road

Total Miles


1227.59 ft


0.48 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is mainly dirt with shallow creek crossings. After rainfall or snow, rocks and downed trees may be potential obstacles as are deep ruts. This trail can be very easy during dry seasons as it is maintained and evened every so often. During wet or snow seasons, or between maintenance, this trail can be challenging and flex suspension due to deep ruts, rock and downed tree obstacles, and slick road conditions. During dry seasons, the trail is possible with stock 2WD. In wet or snow conditions, or between maintenance, 4WD and higher clearance are recommended. This trail has beautiful scenery and plenty of shade throughout the trail. There is also a waterfall next to the first creek crossing where pools of water collect before it flows over the trail. There is also a wide turnout at this point to pull over and enjoy the water. Cell service is good throughout the trail and the trail is not far from the main road in case of emergency or breakdown.


After maintenance, the trail is very easy and flat. Before maintenance, this trail can have deep ruts. During wet or snow seasons, it is common for rocks and trees to fall onto the trail from the hillside next to the trail.

Technical Rating