Mottino Wash

Total Miles


1,653.51 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Nestled secretly within the Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is Mottino Wash, a 1.8 mile rock crawling trail that will test both you and your rig! 80% of the trail are rock gardens that jump between the difficulty of hard and harder. There are no bypasses for these rock gardens therefore you will need to navigate through them. There are 4 notable extra credit options on this trail and each one is notorious for body and driveline damages. It is crucial to have a modified rig due to the need for high clearance and larger tires. Without any modifications the chances of making through are very slim but not impossible, at least without some major damages. So if you love rock crawling, strap in and get ready to take on probably the hardest trail in the Big Bear Mountain range.

Photos of Mottino Wash

Mottino Wash
Mottino Wash
Mottino Wash


The trail starts with a rock garden and continues this way for pretty much 80% of the trail. The trail continues to climb in difficulty from Hard to Harder where the rocks that you will need to navigate over or around gain size. There is no real recognizable route due to the vast amounts of rocks throughout the trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Ben Regal
Jan 06, 2024
2017 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

From Johnson Valley on 247 Old Woman Springs Road you will take Rattlesnake Canyon Trail appx 12 miles in before the trail head for Mottino Wash comes into view on the left side if you are traveling South on Rattlesnake Canyon.

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