Kayla's Mountain Trail

Total Miles


62.91 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Kayla's Mountain Trail is an easy-moderate trail found easily off Borrego Salton Sea Way as you enter Anza Borrego from the Salton Sea side. It starts off in a nice easy sandy wash where you can disperse camp and make your way through the windy tight canyon. The sand can be deep in some spots but any 4x4 vehicle can navigate through. It is at the end where it obtains its 3 rating due to 2 different trail exits. The first exit is a rocky and steep hill climb that can be challenging for newer off-roaders but can be done fairly easily with some ground clearance. The second exit, if you choose to continue further into the trail, is the hardest section of the trail as you have to navigate through a tight canyon rock garden where ample ground clearance is needed. Past the rock garden is another steep hill climb that is rutted and sandy making it a fun end to a quick little trail that leads to other trails in the surrounding area. While you venture Kayla's Mountain Trail you will see beautiful rock formations all around you and even get to check out the Kayla Cave right off the trail.


Deep sand, optional rock garden & mandatory steep sandy/rocky hill climbs

Technical Rating