Horse Canyon Trail 17E21

Total Miles


2,799.73 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail starts out right off Highway 88 at 7100 feet with a smooth and flowy single track that quickly escalates into a steep rocky climb to 9100 feet. The few breaks are short once the climb begins. This trail is physically grueling. It might be Northern California's 5MOH.

Photos of Horse Canyon Trail 17E21

Horse Canyon Trail 17E21
Horse Canyon Trail 17E21
Horse Canyon Trail 17E21


Once it starts going up, it is rocky section after rocky section all the way to the top. 12"-20" boulders, slabs with good traction, slabs without traction, loose rocky sections. In late spring and early summer you will find small water crossings and occasionally water running down the trail. Bring plenty of water and some lunch, then enjoy the amazing view at the top, once you catch your breath.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The trailhead is on the east side of Highway 88, about 1/2 mile east of the Silver Lake Dam.

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