Bottle Hill

Total Miles


1006.29 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Bottle Hill is a good trail to learn how your vehicle feels on dirt, rock, and mud; or to check the off-road capability of your vehicle after making modifications or repairs. It is also a nice, relaxing trail to run for more experienced off-roaders. There is a cellular signal from multiple carriers throughout most of the trail, with plenty of spots to pull over and take a break. There are multiple roads and trails that split off the main trail, as well as many private property entrances. While dry, this is an easy trail that can be completed with high-clearance 2WD vehicles. When wet, there are a few hills that become muddy and difficult in 2WD.


While the trail can be completed in a stock truck in 2WD on a good day, AWD or 4WD with all-terrain tires is highly recommended. The terrain varies between dirt, rock, and mud.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trail starts immediately after turning off Wentworth Springs Road, with private drives along both sides for the first quarter mile. There is very little space for staging. A good alternative starting point is the Dru Barner Camp Ground, especially for groups. There is much more room for staging, and far less opportunity to accidentally enter private property. Bottle Hill is a 9.7-mile trail managed and maintained by the US Forest Service, and designated as road 13N58 on the El Dorado National Forest, Georgetown Ranger District, Motor Vehicle Use Map. There are signs at some intersections to identify which direction to go to stay on 13N58, but none that say "Bottle Hill". The most confusing intersection is where Bottle Hill crosses Breedlove Road, which does have a 13N58 sign located at N38deg 56.784', W120deg 46.945' (38.9463889, -120.78250000).