Bailey Canyon

Total Miles


1691 ft


2.1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Bailey Canyon is a scenic trail running through the San Bernardino National Forest. There are views of Silverwood Lake, canyons full of trees, and the city near the south end of the trail. The trail is mainly dirt but turns to rock in some areas. Creek crossings are also possible at certain times of the year. This trail can be relatively easy but may be challenging during or just after the wet seasons. There are sections with deep ruts, downed trees, and rocks that came down from the hillside next to the trail. There are also overgrown bushes and trees that cover the majority of the trail areas and will cause pinstriping. There are no bypasses so scratches to vehicles are unavoidable. Cell service is patchy, mainly in the middle of the trail, so downloading maps ahead of time is recommended.


You will come across deep ruts, downed trees, and overgrown greenery making this trail harder at certain times of the year.

Technical Rating