3N267 Fenner Saddle (4N12)

Total Miles


2,115.48 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail starts at the third quarter into marked trail 3N26. There is shade for more than half of the trail from mature tree and a hillside for the majority of the trail. During certain times of year, there are shallow creek crossings and obstacles such as fallen trees and boulders from the hillside beside the trail. If the trail is done in the warmer dry seasons, it can be done with 2WD and stock height trucks or suvs. If done in colder seasons, 4WD is needed for the snow and ice that covers the trail. A shovel, axe/chainsaw, and lift would be recommended during snow and rain seasons due to rock slides and trees that often fall onto the trail creating large obstacles and slick trail conditions. Cell service is good for the most part on this trail, and the town of Wrightwood is nearby for food, beverages, and gas.

Photos of 3N267 Fenner Saddle (4N12)

3N267 Fenner Saddle (4N12)
3N267 Fenner Saddle (4N12)
3N267 Fenner Saddle (4N12)


Trail is easy during warmer dry seasons and can be completed in a stock height 2WD truck or SUV. In wet colder seasons, 4WD is NEEDED because this trail becomes challenging due to rock slides, fallen trees, large boulders, and creek/ice crossings and snow causing large obstacles and slick/no traction patches on the trail. See pictures.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Dan The Man
Jan 21, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Closed Gate
Jake Griner
Jul 29, 2023

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