Total Miles


2117.89 ft


0.2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail head starts on Angeles Crest Highway at the Vincent Gap Turnout. It is a very short trail that leads to a locked gate at Jackson Flat Camping Area. The scenery during this trail consists of mature trees providing plenty of shade throughout the trail, views of the Antelope Valley from above, and some shallow creek crossings during wet times of year. 2WD is sufficient for this trail with all terrain tires and stock vehicle height during most times of year. During the winter months, 4WD is highly recommended due to snow, boulders from the hillside that slide down the hill and onto the trail, and fallen trees that can block the trail or cause small detours near cliffsides. Cell service is patchy in some areas, but for the most part it is good. If gas is a worry, there is a gas station in the town of Wrightwood just northeast of this trail.This trail is short but leads to the posted trailhead of 3N267 aka Fenner Saddle Road (4N12) if a longer trail run is wanted.


During most of the year, this trail can be done in 2WD at stock height, but during rain or snow this trail can turn slick and rocky with shallow water/ice crossings with fallen trees across trail.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Angeles Crest Highway, turn out on the north side of Vincent Gap. Take the trail to the right marked 3N26.