West Forked Mountain FR124

Total Miles


497.93 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a maintained forest road. There are some rocky eroded sections at the north end but it is passable with a 2WD vehicle with good clearance. Along the trail are stunning views of Forked Mountain. There are sections with good views of the mountains, which are picturesque in the fall when the leaves are changing. It connects Trail 86 with the Winona Scenic Drive. There are a few switchbacks but they are wide enough for two vehicles, like most of the trail. The Ouachita Trail crosses on the south end, and there is a small parking spot if you want to take a hike. The north end of the trail is a short drive from Hollis Country Store on Highway 7 if you are hungry or need to gas up.

Photos of West Forked Mountain FR124

West Forked Mountain FR124
West Forked Mountain FR124
West Forked Mountain FR124


This is a well-maintained road. It could be slick after a rain due to the chilliness of the trail. Do not drive it in icy conditions.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Ryan C
Jun 08, 2024
2010 Lexus GX
Downed Tree
large downed tree on the south end of the trail.

Access Description

Take Trail 86 from either Highway 7 or Highway 9 to get to the north end. Take the Winona Scenic Drive to get to the south end of the trail.

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