Shores Lake Road 1501

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286.71 ft


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Spring, Fall, Winter

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Shores Lake Road is the gateway to several different activities. One of which is the Campbell Cemetery boat launch and the second is Shores Lake where you can find state ran campsites. Mulberry River is known for its rapids and brings rafting enthusiasts to this area. There are also several spur trails to go explore along with 4x4-only sections. Shores Lake is an easy gravel road with some steep climbs. Lots of dispersed camping spots at the northeast section of Mulberry River when you first come off the main road. There are restrooms at the boat launch and at Shores Lake. Some beautiful scenic views of Shores Lake can be found right before you descend into the lake. The campground might be closed during the winter and spring months due to flooding as the lake gets pretty high. Cell phone service is attainable along this road in some locations.

Photos of Shores Lake Road 1501

Shores Lake Road 1501
Shores Lake Road 1501
Shores Lake Road 1501


Easy gravel road with steep grades.


Here is an article on the history of the Ozark National Forest-

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Melanie L
Jul 01, 2023
2019 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

From Paradise, Arkansas travel north on Highway 23 then take a left onto Shores Lake "Jethro".

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