North Fork Pinnacle Road 132C

Total Miles


360.59 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

I started the trail in 2-wheel drive but not far into the trail, I had to put it in 4L. This is due to the clearance issues and needing to go slow for uneven ground. This trail closes in the summer and is open in the fall and winter. They use the trail during the summer as a hiking trail. Great trail, with lots of things to see, and mud holes to drive through. Lots of running creeks along the route. I do caution that this trail is narrow and has many low overhanging trees. No full-size vehicles, or vehicles with rooftop tents. Pinstripes are bound to happen. Please be cautious during the summer months near creeks and water sources. We do have cotton mouth and rattlesnakes along with scorpions.


This road has no places to pass other vehicles. The mud holes are more than 18 inches deep. Lots of overhanging trees, and narrow areas (just barely a Tacoma width wide).

Technical Rating


Access Description

Youll access this route by Highway 9, Winona Forest Drive.